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Why Underfloor heating is gaining in popularity

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Electric underfloor heating is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of indoor heating. For the Maltese Climate, where our winters are short, an AHT electric underfloor heating system, coupled with a Solar panel photovoltaic system can give us the warmth and comfort we require in the most sustainable way possible.

AHT underfloor heating
underfloor heating Malta

Through the use of underfloor heating, a new world of superior comfort and energy efficiency can be achieved. The advantages are many and the reasons, simple.

AHT underfloor heating

AHT amorphous underfloor heating ribbons have many advantages over other underfloor heating systems, one of which is that it can fit under any surface.

AHT underfloor heating is the only heating system that can be installed directly under all types of floor coverings.


AHT's underfloor heating systems radiate a comfortable, even warmth, that is clean and safe to the occupants of the room. The process is quiet and safe, with no noisy fans or blowers.

AHT underfloor heating ribbon
Underfloor heating Malta


AHT's extra wide electrical heating elements create an even heat by eliminating hot and cold spots on the floor surface.


The absence of unsightly radiators allows for more aesthetic interior design, additional flexibility in furniture placement and full use of space.

Underfloor heating give sus warmth where we need it, in the lower part of the room. With AHT amorphous underfloor heating systems, we can create the right environment for your comfort. While keeping your energy bills low.

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