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SunPower Solar Panels 

Malta's Sole Authorised Partners for World Record Breaking Solar Technology

Find the best SunPower solar panel for your home or business. 

Not all Solar Panels Are Made Equal.

SunPower has taken solar to the stratosphere, and back here on earth that same technology is available to help reduce electricity for your home or business. 

SunPower offers an impressive range of powerful solutions, each designed for optimal performance, maximum savings and long-term reliability.


SunPower Maxeon Cell Technology is proven to be the most reliable solar on the planet.  And the SunPower modules are best suited to withstand our harsh conditions of the Maltese Islands.


Proven Reliability

Trusted Durability

More Power

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Malta: Where history meets progress

Case Study on SunPower panels performance in Malta.

"The environment we work in on the Maltese Islands is very harsh. We have salinity and dust all around the island and we also have very limited roof space"

Mario Cachia, CEO of Alternative Technologies, Ltd.

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SunPower Panels Powering our most prestigious buildings. 

SunPower Solar that performance better in hotter climates. 

"A high-efficiency SunPower panel not only addresses the space issue but it works better than most at high temperatures. This is because of SunPower’s low temperature coefficient – a measure of how a solar panel reacts to rising temperatures."

Mario Cachia, President of SunPower partner, Alternative Technologies Ltd.

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