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Powering through all weather conditions

Solar Panels need to withstand all weather conditions because they are exposed to nature's elements every minute of every day of their life.

Solar Technology 16 February 2023

As the world heats, scientific evidence suggests we will experience greater volatility between weather extremes. The effect has been labelled as Climate Whiplash’. This could mean an increase in extreme swings between freezes and thaws and a need for more reliable solar panels that stand up to changing and volatile weather conditions.

So, when it comes to choosing a solar panel that will withstand increasingly extreme weather events, how do you know whether it can meet the challenge?

Solar technology for the highest demands

The majority of solar panels are tested in ideal (and not always realistic) lab conditions, equivalent to noon on a clear summer day. Known as Standard Test Conditions, or STC, this is an industry standard for the conditions under which solar panels are tested, allowing for more accurate comparisons between different panels.

However, solar panels need to power through all weather conditions and maintain efficiency and reliability during their subsequent decades of operation, which is why panel testing must include parameters beyond temperature alone. For example, testing conditions need to consider the sun’s intensity, high winds, extreme heat and extreme cold. And most importantly, the technology needs to be built and tested for the long term. The Maltese islands are a great test bead for solar panels.

Solar panels designed to last longer

Across 35 years and more than 30 million panels, SunPower Maxeon solar panels have proven their ability to maintain their power better than conventional panels1: they are designed and manufactured for ultimate durability.

While most conventional panels tend to guarantee a degradation from 0.4% to 0.7%/year over up to 25 years, SunPower Maxeon solar panels are guaranteeing an exceptionally low 0.25%/year over 40 years. To translate into actual results, a 25-year-old SunPower Maxeon panel will deliver 5% more power than a brand-new conventional panel you just purchased. And a 40-year-old SunPower Maxeon panel will outdistance a much younger 25-year-old conventional panel delivering 9.5% more power. A longevity that means cumulative savings year after year.

Save energy and money with solar

Each SunPower Maxeon solar panel is designed to maximise power conversion from sunlight to electricity by operating at a lower temperature and capturing more sun in low light. That means they start creating more energy than standard solar panels from the day they’re installed.

SunPower Maxeon solar panels perform better in the shade from passing clouds or soiling built up over time. When the current in a SunPower panel encounters shade, it meets less resistance due to the unique architecture of Maxeon cells. This minimises the shutdown of panel sections that will limit your power.

Industry-leading solar warranties

SunPower Maxeon panels are backed by the industry’s strongest warranties3. The 40-year warranty on Maxeon solar panels is a testament to our highly reliable solar technology.

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