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SUNPOWER MAXEON Solar Panels Made by a Green Builder, for Green Builders.

100% of SunPower Maxeon IBC solar cells now come from LEED Gold-certified facilities COMPANY SOLAR TECHNOLOGY 18 JANUARY 2023 LinkedIn Facebook

By Mario Cachia, CEO The fight against climate change has now become a fight for all of us. Us, as inhabitants of planet earth are on a mission to save the planet. It is an arduous task ahead and takes courage, determination, and most of all, a desire to hold oneself to a higher standard. Our SunPower Maxeon solar panels are not just the most efficient and reliable panels available in the industry1 ,2 . SunPower Maxeon DC solar panels were also the first in the industry to offer green builders additional LEED points for their projects thanks to SunPower's Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Bronze3 recognition and unique Declare label ingredient transparency for panels manufactured in Mexico. Earlier this year, SunPower Maxeon extended their legacy of sustainability leadership when the solar cell fabrication facility in Laguna, Philippines ("Fab 4") earned LEED® Gold4 certification – SunPower Maxeon's fifth LEED-certified facility. Maxeon are now proud to say that, as of August 2020, 100% of the cells powering SunPower Maxeon solar panels come from LEED Gold-certified facilities. Why is this significant? This achievement means that our customers – many of whom are award-winning green builders themselves – can be confident that their solar panels were made by a company with values that match their own. Sustainability is a Journey.

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