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Why Opt for Infrared Heating in Your Bathroom?

When choosing a heater, we want a system which most suits our heating requirements and style. Varma Tec infrared heaters produce short wave infrared waves, offering benefits for the human body. In fact, equipment with similar characteristics are even used in the electro-medical sector. So such innovative heating is clearly advantageous for one’s well-being.

With the winter months well underway, the desire for a warm home is on the increase.  This is namely the case in our bathrooms.  With Varma Tech’s infra red heaters one can enjoy the satisfaction of a warm bathroom before, during and after taking a shower or bath, without any pre-heating costs!

What are the advantages of having such a heater in the confines of your bathroom?

It’s no news that Varma Tec heating technology comes with its fair share of bonuses. Apart from enjoying immediate heat delivery the moment it is switched on, there are a number of other good reasons why Varma Tec heaters should be choice for your bathroom.  The following are facts indicating the benefits of purchasing Varma tech heaters. 

  1. Instant heat delivered – no need to pre heat the bathroom for 30 minutes.
  2. Benefit from considerable savings with infrared heat – over 92% of the energy used is transformed into heat. The heat is enhanced significantly by special reflectors, hence appliances are among the most powerful of their kind on the market, with the lowest levels of absorption of electricity.
  3. Heat can be focused – zone heating – which is particularly useful when installed in such an enclosed room as a bathroom.
  4. Compact design – several models, each with their own design 
  5. No maintenance is required – thanks to the long bulb life (which provides you with approximately 5000 hours of power)

So if you’ve not yet installed that much-needed heater in your bathroom or shower, look no further, and choose a Varma Tec heater! Contact Alternative Technologies today for a live demonstration at our offices!