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Why Choose Infrared Heating as Opposed to other Heating Systems?



Unlike traditional heating, infrared heaters don’t dry the air. What’s more, they also prevent heat loss through ventilation, which is unlike traditional heating – there isn’t hot air which travels around and escapes through opened doors or windows.


Infrared ray heater products are clean, beneficial to one’s health and a very energy-efficient way of heating. There’s no other more instant, economical and environmentally-friendly way of heating.


Outdoor infrared heaters are a great and an energy efficient way to keep restaurants and/or bar customers (or maybe guests in a front or back garden) warm. Their produced heat goes straight into our bodies, instead of being wasted on heating the cold air around us.  Hence people sitting at tables outside can still be comfortable if in the locus of an Infra red ray heater.


Infrared versus space heaters


When comparing the performance of conventional electric heaters to Varm Tec infra red ray heaters, (comparing two heaters with the same wattage), the infrared heater is capable of heating a larger area than the standard conventional heater. This is because the way the Varma Tec infrared ray heaters are designed to direct light by reflection and refraction.



With traditional air heating systems, hot air rises and is hence lost through openings.  Hence heating is not efficient nor effective.



With the Varma Tec Infrared ray heaters, heat is directed and maintained in desired areas, without losses, as with light.



It is thus possible to obtain solar type quality heating, a comfortable environment, no noise and dust for as long as you wish, with considerable energy saving.


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