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How Low Can You Go? Save on Bills by Switching to SunPower

As we become increasingly aware of higher energy prices, one reason you might opt to switch to solar power is for financial reasons. Our professionals at Alternative Technologies, the only authorised SunPower partners on the Maltese Islands, share a few ways you can save money by switching to SunPower solar panels in Malta.

1. More energy per m2

Compared to other technologies, our SunPower PV panels convert the greatest percentage of sunlight into electricity; in fact, they generate more kWh of electricity per square metre than any other PV panels on the market, making them the best photovoltaic panels Malta has to offer!


2. 25-year warranty

SunPower is the only solar company to offer a straightforward 25-year year warranty, which is 15 years longer than conventional solar warranties. This means that in the unlikely event that a solar panel needs to be repaired or replaced in this time period, another panel will be provided, or the cost of the panel will be fully refunded. 

3. Protect yourself against the volatility of utility prices

Traditional electricity relies heavily on fossil fuels such as oil, which are not only harmful for the environment, but are also finite resources. This translates into a volatile market, in which energy prices change constantly. Therefore, investing in solar power systems equals protecting yourself against unpredictable increases in electricity prices.

4. Further Financial Benefits

  • Government grants are available to subsidise the purchase of SunPower panels.
  • Loans with low interest rates from local banks are also available. 
  • You can reap financial benefits annually when installing a SunPower PV system by selling energy to the grid or consuming the same energy and saving on your electricity bills.


Over your SunPower system’s lifetime, you’ll generate more electricity per square metre than any other conventional solar panel on the market. Contact us for more information regarding our SunPower products, installation and services so that we can advise you on how we can power your future! 

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