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Sports Timing Equipment

Swiss TimingAnother world leader chosen by Alternative Technologies Ltd as one of their partners is SWISS TIMING - market leaders in the sports timing and sports displays field.

They provide timing equipment and scoreboards suitable for a wide-range of sports, and are the official timing equipment supplier chosen for practically all top events in the world - from national championships to the Olympics

Amongst SWISS TIMING's products in Malta - installed and maintained by Alternative Technologies Ltd - one can find :

  • The recently installed scoreboard at the National Pool Complex - Tal Qroqq
  • The ARES21 timing system, installed at the National Pool Complex- Tal Qroqq -suitable for aquatic sports used for all the swimming and waterpolo competitions held there.
  • The indoor scoreboard at the Corradino Sports Pavillion

    SWISS TIMING's high quality  product portofolio is wide and varied.

    An interesting timing-related product is the SCAN`O`VISION photofinish system which can be used for a wide range of racing sports.

    Obviously, when one collects results in sports, it is also important to show them to the spectators at the venue - and even here SWISS TIMING are world leaders with a very wide range of scoreboards and displays varying from simple and low cost numerical ones to full-colour video displays on which one can see photos, video clips, live footage and revenue-generating advertising.

    In recent years, the transmission of sports events on television has seen a rapid increase in both exposure and competition between stations. Through our partners SWISS TIMING we are able to offer a wide range of TV Production software which can change a sports event to a top-class TV viewer event event enhanced with computer-aided analyses, graphics and information. These systems can be used by TV stations not just for sports events but even for other productions, such as weather reports, virtual studios and any other program where graphical presentations are a must to make your TV production appealing to a wider range of viewers and consequently to a larger share of advertising revenue.

    As you can see, SWISS TIMING have a lot to offer..... if you have any specific need or idea, share it with us and will provide you with the best possible solution for your needs and according to your budget.