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Solar Energy in Malta for a Greener Future


With the growing awareness of the negative effects that pollution and energy waste can have on our environment, more and more people in Malta are starting to take initiative and build greener homes. One of the ways in which is being done is through the use of solar panels – an excellent investment when living on such a sunny island. Alternative Technologies Ltd examine just how solar energy can provide a greener future for our country.

Solar energy reduces:

Air Pollution

Global warming is undeniably one of the biggest issues currently facing our planet, and will remain so for a considerable while in the future – unless we take steps to prevent it from growing. The fact that solar panels do not rely on the burning of fossil fuels means fewer emissions of greenhouses gases such as methane and carbon dioxide, thus providing cleaner air along with lower temperatures over our seas and land.

Water pollution

Unlike other power plants which are powered by coal or natural gas, solar panels do not require large amounts of water in order to generate electricity and maintain operations. Therefore, solar technology conserves valuable water resources and does not get in the way of drinking systems or agricultural needs.

Hazardous Waste

Traditional energy sources, which rely on oil or coal, often leave behind harmful by-products in the form of ash, sludge and even metals. Although the majority of this waste is disposed of in disposal sites or landfills, much of it still manages to penetrate and harm the surrounding environment due to the frequent lack of protective lining and other measures to prevent it from leaking.

Because solar energy does not utilise fossil fuel to produce electricity, it neatly removes the problem of fuel transportation and waste storage.

Do you want to do your part in helping to clean up our islands? Invest in alternative energy in Malta for cleaner air and a better future

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