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Save on Your Utility Bill with Infrared Heating

Varma Tec heaters use energy wisely, which means you have a clean, economical heating system exactly where and when you want and need it.


The Dilemma

Retaining heat within very large spaces or building exposed to draughts posed a major problem. What’s more, avoiding heat loss, through doors which are constantly opening and closing is another challenging issue. Warm air from traditional heating systems is usually spread, even when it rises to the empty ceiling spaces.


The Answer to your heating problem is: Varma Tec

Just like a flashlight, with Varma Tec, you can aim your infrared to where it’s needed. Varma Tec’s infrared action is based on infrared heat radiation.

The heat is directed to the area where people are. It doesn’t rise to ceilings or disappear through windows or doors. The heat is felt by the body when the light beam hits it, therefore it is the body that is heated and not the surrounding space.

It’s a fact that a great amount of heat is lost when opting for conventional heating solutions. This is due to the fact that warm air rises and is dispersed, while working zones are left unheated. Fortunately, Varma Tec only focuses on heating the zones where heat is essential. Moreover, the much-desired heat is delivered instantaneously, waste and dispersal are hindered, and most importantly heating expenditure is substantially reduced. 

You can enjoy huge savings when it comes to heating sizeable industrial spaces, and because Varma Tec redistributes infrared radiance as contrasted to misusing air as a heat vector, you can save as much as 70% off on bills, in comparison to conventional gas and electricity heating.

Since the heat is zoned and delivered immediately, Varma Tec not only helps you save on hefty utility bills’ expenses, but also delivers the answer to all heating requirements, particularly for environments such as Malta, where heating problems tend to be persistent, due to our very humid climate.

If like us, you like the idea of saving money, without compromising your comfort, in the most environmentally friendly way, contact Alternative Technologies today!