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3 Reasons to Choose Infrared Heating For Your Establishment

As discussed in our previous blogs, there are various advantages you can benefit from when investing in infrared heating. That’s why our team at Alternative Technologies wanted to list three of the main reasons why you should choose this type of heating system for your home or commercial premises.

#1 Exclusive Reflectors

Symmetric, asymmetric and double concentric parabolic curved reflectors. These mechanisms were designed by Star Progetti and contrived with special aluminium and other durable materials which ensure maximum performance ratings. Absorption of the radiance is uniform rather than scattered. Varma Tec appliances guarantee energy yields which are 30% higher than other radiant heaters currently available on the market. 

#2 Versatile Usage and Functionality

Perhaps one of the best qualities Varma Tec infra red ray heaters includes, is the fact that they can be used in any type of building or environment, where the use of conventional heating systems are inhibited or present a number of issues. Our infrared heaters can be used in the following places and environments:


  • Building sites
  • Trade fair premises, exhibition halls
  • Industrial premises
  • Warehouses and storerooms
  • Loading and unloading docks
  • Garages and body shops
  • Zones exposed to draughts

Farming and Agriculture 

  • Farm premises 
  • Greenhouses 
  • Breeding establishments 
  • Milking sheds
  • Zoos 
  • Racing stables

Offices and Retail

  • Meeting rooms and offices
  • Showrooms
  • Exhibition halls 
  • Boutiques and shops
  • Markets


  • Waiting rooms
  • Restaurants, hotels, pubs and bars
  • Bar terraces and gazebos


  • Health and fitness centres/ sports facility zones
  • Spas and swimming pools
  • Changing rooms 
  • Golf courses
  • Campsites


  • Houses, basements, patios
  • Huts, chalets and to complement inadequate heating 
  • Terraces and unroofed areas
  • Winter gardens and verandas
  • Under umbrellas 


  • First-aid areas and hospitals
  • Churches 
  • Large meeting halls
  • Historical buildings, castles, ancient villas and farmhouses

#3 Heating can be adapted and zoned

Varma Tec only heats active work spaces, which means that heating is limited to operative workstations. What’s more, heating levels can easily be adjusted according to individuals’ own needs. This is particularly useful for the workplace, and what’s even better is, your company saves on bills whilst ensuring employee comfort. 

So as you can see, infrared heating is certainly the way to go when warming up difficult to heat spaces in your home or offices.  But if you’re still on the fence about whether Varma Tec infra red ray heaters are indeed for you, contact us today. We’ll gladly provide you with more information, to better understand how our heating systems work.