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5 Myths About Solar Energy Debunked

Nowadays, more and more homeowners have begun to realise the advantages of turning to solar energy to power their houses – the increase in property value, the reduction in electricity bills and leaving a lower carbon footprint being just a few of them. However, there still remains an amount of scepticism regarding the use of solar power.

As providers of SunPower solar panels in Malta, Alternative Technologies debunks the most common myths surrounding this technology.

Myth 1: Solar panels won’t work in cold winter weather

In actual fact, most systems are designed to draw on electricity credits generated during the summer season. Although not as much solar power is produced in winter as is during the hotter months of the year, the panels only need UV light – they can still absorb ambient sunlight during cloudy days. As a final note, solar panels actually conduct electricity better when they are cold.

Myth 2: Solar panels are ugly

Perhaps this was true years ago. Thanks to the expansion of technology, however, solar panels are now far more attractive and sleek in appearance. The solar panels that we provide are smaller in size and can even be installed in ways that are unobtrusive and will suit your rooftop perfectly.

Myth 3: Using solar power means changing your entire energy system at home

False. The only thing that actually changes is how much you end up paying in the long run, which is a lot less. Solar systems work seamlessly with your electrical grid at home; grid power will be drawn on when needed, otherwise, solar power will be in constant use when available.

Myth 4: Solar panels will damage my roof

This couldn’t be further from the truth! For one thing, most solar panels aren’t directly attached to the roof – they’re usually set on a mounted railing system. Sealants are used by installers to fill any gaps, thereby preventing leaks or potential breakdowns, and metal coverings (or “flashings”) protect the mount from external elements and harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, panels can easily be removed in case of any problems with the roof. Before installation, always check to see if there are any existing leaks or faults on the roof that need to be fixed.

Myth 5: Solar panels require a lot of maintenance

Apart from occasional cleaning and inspections, solar panels actually require very little attention. In fact, our SunPower products come with a 25-year warranty, operating at the highest efficiency.

Alternative Technologies for the highest quality solar panels Malta has to offer

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