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Discover the Many Benefits of Infrared Ray Heating

Discover the Many Benefits of Infrared Ray Heating

The season change from autumn to winter brings with it temperature drops and undeniable, bone-chilling cold weather. So, it’s almost natural to ask: Do I have effective heating in place? Luckily Alternative Technologies Ltd. have the solution that’s not only eco-friendly but cost-effective!


Allow us to introduce you to Our Electric Infrared-Ray Heaters

Our Varma-Tec Infrared IRK heaters are the most economic, immediate and popular choice of heating. The Varma-Tech is a state-of-the-art technology for infrared heaters which enhance short infrared wave energy through computer designed parabolic mirrors. These are crucial to their performance, as more than 60% of the heat is generated by the reflector and the remaining 40% by the conduit.


How do they work?

By following the laws of optics both in terms of reflection and refraction, heat radiation occurs and infrared performance is optimised through different reflectors. These are tailor-made to the heater’s application which Star Progetti has designed and produced, as can be seen with their full range of such special reflectors. 

Star Progetti’s reflector technology is the product of exhaustive theoretical research and testing. This richness of experience in the exploration of refraction has led to the expansion of high-performance symmetrical reflectors, which offer considerable energy and utility savings.

Varma-Tec Infrared IRK heaters produce heat by means of short wave infrared rays, which are radiated at supreme power, a mere second after being switched on. So as to achieve the exceptional performance of such heaters, Star Progetti has created heaters with first-class, original, parabolic reflectors which create exceptional heat performance whilst using less energy.


Why choose such a method of heating?

Apart from investing in an appliance that provides a very operative and powerful heat source with uniformity and directionality, such heaters are also aesthetically pleasing, and as elegant as heaters can get.

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of the Varma-Tec Infrared IRK range is the facility to split the system over several areas, whether big or small, with different operating temperatures – a feature which is otherwise impossible with conventional heating systems. With Varma-Tec Infrared IRK heaters you can heat an individual workplace or area with exclusive and instant efficacy.   

Below is the list of benefits you can reap when investing in such a method of heating:

  • Save up to a whopping 85% on operational costs!
  • It’s economical on space, which means more room for tables if you own an establishment
  • Immediate and adjustable heat from the moment it’s turned on
  • Works directly on your body, which means it doesn’t heat other objects.
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • There are several models to choose from, catering to different needs
  • They can be wall-mounted, mobile, for awnings and exteriors
  • No gas cylinders or maintenance necessary, which means more safety!
  • Substantial savings especially when compared to gas systems with cylinders
  • Waterproof IPX5 Models


So, if you’re looking for a heating system that works effectively and costs less than a cappuccino per day, you needn’t look any further, because Alternative Technologies Ltd. have you covered!