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Understanding The Way Infrared Ray Heaters Work

If you’re considering an infrared ray heater, it’s good to know and understand how it works. When you think of Infrared Heating, you’ve probably asked: what exactly is infrared heat and how do infrared Ray heaters work? Alternative Technologies wants to inform you, because it’s good to know more about the product and its function, before purchasing it. 


How infrared heat works

If you reminisce back to your student days, during your physics classes, you can probably remember learning about infrared light when studying wavelengths. You also might have heard of infrared radiation or infrared technology, just from TV adverts or even in magazines. But perhaps you never really understood the science behind wavelengths and light spectrums. So, you pretty much draw a blank when you try to figure out what infrared heaters do.

Infrared light isn't visible because it's beyond the spectrum we can see. That's the gist of an infrared heater: the heat is a product of light that’s invisible to our eyes. The reason we get warm from an infrared rays is because our skin and clothes absorb the light. It's like the difference between being directly in the sunlight versus sitting in the shade. You feel warm in the sun because the light that hits your clothes and skin keeps you warm, but when you're in the shade, the light doesn't reach you.

Interestingly, infrared heating functions in a similar way as the sun’s heat works. Just like the sun, infrared heat heats objects and people. Infrared heating has long been used in medical applications such as physiotherapy to improve recuperation.


How infrared ray heaters work

Infrared heating works efficiently: no energy is wasted heating the air! Infrared heaters use elements or bulbs to produce infrared light.  

Infrared rays don’t heat the air, but target objects, persons and materials directly, in their immediate surroundings: be they walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, and people. Warm walls, ceiling and floor ensure a perfect thermal comfort that cannot be achieved with conventional convection heat. 

Furthermore, infrared ray heating is a healthy, natural and comfortable way of heating: infrared rays infiltrate deep into the body, just like the infrared radiations from the sun. It basically feels like sunlight, but indoors! 

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