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Underfloor heating


Underfloor heating is more popular than ever. Month by month, year by year the number of systems installed rises to a new record level.

But underfloor heating technology is more than a fashion, far more than a succession of peaks on a sales graph. It is the intelligent, efficient and cost-effective green choice for heating your home in the 21st Century.

Integrating the heating system into the very fabric of the building creates a harmony of form and function that puts every square centimetre of floor and wall space to practical use.  Heating from the floor upwards harnesses the basic principles of physics to create a better standard of comfort, while using less energy.

Underfloor Heating

In particular, in rooms heated with radiators or convection systems the air temperature is higher towards the ceiling and lower towards the floor, the exact opposite of what is needed for comfort and a negative factor as regards electrity or fuel consumption.

In floor heating systems heat is emanated through the whole surface of the floor and the difference in temperature between floor and environment proves to be moderate, thus avoiding air currents. Thanks to an adequate and controlled irradiation and thanks to the uniform distribution of the air temperature at low speed, the heat is naturally transmitted into the enviroment where people live and work.

Thanks to this system the surroundings are therefore comfortable, clean (since the causes of dirtying on walls and curtains are practically eradicated), without movement of dust (which generally provokes allergies), thus creating an ideal environment for plants and children’s toys as well.

Warm water and electric systems are now available for all types of project and all types of floors.

At ALTERNATIVE TECHNOLOGIES Ltd, in line with our mission to provide high qualit state of the art products at competitive prices, we have chosen AHT (Advanced Heating Technologies Ltd) - with the highly efficient Amorphous Ribbon Heating element - for electrical UFH, and RDZ SpA for solar thermal UFH.