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AHT Underfloor Heating

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The only heating system that can be installed directly under all types of floor covering

AHT underfloor heating ribbonElectric underfloor heating is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of indoor heating in the world. Through the use of underfloor heating, a new world of superior comfort and energy efficiency has been discovered.

- Imagine your cozy toes on a cold winter morning
- Heats faster than any other underfloor heating system
- Perfect solution for home renovation as well as for new buildings


Primary & Comfort Heating For ALL Types of Floor Covering : Tiles - Laminate - Carpets 

Carpet Tiles Laminate
Carpet Tiles Laminate

The AHT advantage

AHT's underfloor heating system radiates a comfortable, even warmth, that is clean and safe to the occupants of the room. The process is quiet and safe, with no noisy fans or blowers

AHT's extra wide electrical heating elements create an even heat by eliminat ing hot and cold spots on the floor surface

The absence of unsightly radiators allows for more aesthetic interior design, additional flexibility in furniture placement, and full use of space

The AHT heating mats are simple to install, in fact almost as easy as laying down a carpet. Installation time is significantly reduced in comparison to other underfloor heating systems.The heating mats are laid directly onto the subfloor and no extra layer of cement is required to separate the heating mats and the floor covering

Whether you are building a new home or refurbishing an existing one, AHT's heating mats are your perfect indoor heating solution. The ultrathin, flexible mats can be applied to the existing floor without the need for complicated structural changes.

AHT heating mats are designed, manufactured and certified according to the most rigorous electrical safety standards.
AHT products have been tested and found to have negligible electromagnetic radiation, far below the minimum requirements of the applicable standards.

AHT offers a 15-year warranty provided the product has been installed in accordance with the manufacturer's installation instructions.

AHT underfloor heating will reach the desired room temperature faster than any other product available on the market today. This will reduce the system's operating time and energy consumption, providing a significant cost saving.