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Thermostatic Mixer Valves

Thermostatic Mixer ValveYet another innovative product  introduced in the Maltese Islands by Alternative Technologies Ltd is the THERMOSTATIC MIXTURE VALVE - an accessory that automatically regulates the temperaure of the hot water being fed to the rest of the system.

These thermostatic mixing valves are used mainly in domestic hot water systems. They provide stable mixed water temperature to the users. This allows to maintain the desired water temperature according to the established value despite the pressure or temperature variations of incoming hot and cold water or used water quantity. Our thermostatic mixing valves have also an automatic anti-burn security, which stops hot water flow in case of lack of incoming cold water.



A few suggested applications for these THERMOSTATIC MIXTURE VALVES are:

  • As an ANTI-SCALD safety device to ensure that water from the hot water tap reaches the users at a safe temperature - such as 55 degrees celcius - and hence prevents accidents caused by the very hot temperatures that can be attained by solar water heaters (especially the vacuum tube ones which reach temperatures that are extremely unsafe). Very useful and important to have especially for protecting young children.
  • For washing machines inlets so that the free hot water from your solar water heater can be used by the appliance by setting the thermostatic valve at the temperature required by the washing program. Hence, even with washing machines that have just a single inlet for cold water, you can still feed in pre-heated water at the right temperaure instead of having to use the built-in water - thus saving on electricity costs and washing-cycle time.
  • Reduce hot-water consumption by using only the required amount at the required temperature.

    Thermostatic Mixer Valve operating principleOPERATING PRINCIPLE

    The diverting valve is located at the entrance of the kit receiving hot water coming from solar panels.
    According to the temperature calibration the valve automatically diverts the water between the domestic system and the hot-water heater.The valve provides the water flow by exploiting solar energy and reducing as much as possible the use of the hot-water heater.
    At the exit of the kit there is an anti-burn thermostatic mixing valve which sends thewater to the users controlling and restricting the temperature.


    The temperature is adjusted using the mixing valve regulating knob (which is also protected by a cover) to the desired position according to the required temperature.

    Thermosatic Mixer Valve setting

    Reference conditions- Thot : 68°C Tcold: 13°C
    Inlet pressure 3 3 balanced


    How to use Thermostatic Mixer Valve