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Photovoltaic Systems

Alternative Technologies Ltd are well equipped to design and install Photovoltaic systems - both on-grid systems which allow the user to connect with the existing power grid with the possibility of selling the excessive electricity back to the utility company availing themselves of the financial benefits of the feed-in tariff , and also the off-grid system which can provide the required power to installations which are situated quite far from the powerlines - such as agricultural rooms and remote telecoms repeaters - and which would hence prove difficult and expensive to connect to the utility company for the amount of electricity required.

Photovoltaic Installation
Installing your own PV system means that you can generate you own electricty from the free and inexhaustable energy of the sun. A photovoltaic (PV) system never needs refuelling, emits no pollution and can be expected to operate for over 30 years needing minimal maintenance.
A typical PV system on a house roof could prevent over 821kg of green house gas emissions during its lifetime.

At Alternative Technologies Ltd we strive to offer to our clients high quality products, and for this we have chosen two partners with vast experience in the field:  SUNPOWER - manufacture the most efficient photovoltaic panels on the planet and the only panels with a 25 year full product guarantee, and BAUER SOLARTECHNIK - a German company with manufacturing plants in the EU.

Whether it is a small domestic installation, a medium sized commercial installation or a large sized industrial installation, we at Alternative Technologies Ltd can take care of everything you need : from the design stage up to the final commissioning of the PV installation.

The vast experience of our staff together with the high quality products we are offering are a guarantee that your PV system from Alternative Technologies Ltd will be a rewarding investment that will last for the years to come.