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SunPower Announces Industry's First 25-Year Combined Power and Product Warranty

SunPower Announces Industry's First 25-Year Combined Power and Product Warranty

Company Shifts to Linear Power Warranty that Guarantees More Energy Production throughout the Life of the System

Maxeon Technology

SunPower Corporation, a Silicon Valley-based manufacturer of high-efficiency solar cells, solar panels and solar systems, today announced the launch of the industry's first combined warranty that covers both power and product for 25 years. The company is also shifting to a linear power warranty that offers the lowest power degradation over the life of the system. 

25 Year WarrantySunPower is the only solar company to offer a straightforward 25-year global product warranty, which is 15 to 20 years longer than conventional solar warranties. Integrated into SunPower high-efficiency solar panels are the company's patented Maxeon® all-back contact solar cells which are built on a solid copper foundation, making them extremely resistant to cracking, corrosion and stresses from temperature variation. 
In the unlikely event a solar panel needs to be repaired or replaced, an identical or functionally equivalent panel will be provided or the cost of the panel will be fully refunded.
The associated labor and transportation costs for customers whose solar panels were installed by SunPower or SunPower dealer/partners are covered.

The new warranty is also written in plain, simple terms that detail the coverage.

Alternative Technologies Ltd are the authorised installers of Sunpower PV Panels for the Maltese Islands.

Read the press release by Sunpower Corporation here.