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Swiss Timing scoreboard at the National Pool Complex

New Swiss Timing Scoreboard at the National Pool 

The National Pool Complex in Tal-Qroqq was recently enhanced by a state-of-the-art electronic scoreboard supplied to the Aquatic Sports Association by Alternative Technologies Ltd., local suppliers and installers of Swiss Timing sports timing equipment.

The scoreboard was designed with specifications catering for local climate conditions and it was installed under the supervision of Swiss Timing engineers. The scoreboard was utilised for the first time barely two hours after it was installed. Since then, it has been used to run the full Fisec International Swim meet, the full National Swimming Championship and the Waterpolo Summer National Championships, amongst others.

The scoreboard replaces the older SwissTiming scoreboard which had successfully served its purpose for 19 years.

The new scoreboard gives more information during waterpolo games and swimming meets, and therefore enhances spectator participation. The brightness of (NIT) 4500 cd/m2 ensures crystal clear viewing up to 100m, while the horizontal / vertical viewing angle 140o/60o ensures that spectators on both sides of the pool can easily view data on the scoreboard.