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Celebrities Who Have Converted to Sun-Kissed Power


While many celebrities are travelling the world on their private jets and running huge homes without a care in the world when it comes to the detrimental effects they’re having on Mother Nature, there are others behaving in a more environmentally conscious way. The list of celebrities embracing sustainable lifestyles and adopting renewable energy continues to grow, which, considering the amount of influence they have, is highly commendable. If the glare of the spotlight is one of the drawbacks of fame, one of the advantages is the celebrity’s ability to shine that spotlight on causes that are dear to their hearts.

As the leading provider of renewable energy in Malta, servicing both the domestic and the commercial sector with SunPower® solar panels, our team at Alternative Technologies Ltd. takes a look at some celebrities who have converted to -  and advocate - solar energy.

1. Johnny Depp

It’s not every day that you meet someone who owns their own personal island, but when you do, the owner is Johnny Depp and the island is a self-sustained Bahamas oasis running on state-of-the-art solar cells, which of course, transfer sunlight into electricity.

2. Leonardo Di Caprio

One of the most ardent environmental activists in the Hollywood bubble, Di Caprio has been involved in many projects to combat climate change and has even set up the Leonardo Di Caprio Foundation, which through collaborative partnerships, supports projects worldwide that promote a more sustainable future through six programme areas – one being climate change. The actor is so dedicated to the cause that he decided to power the set of his film ‘Inception’ with solar energy. Impressive much?

3. Rachel McAdams

When she’s not busy being a ‘Mean Girl’ on the big screen, the starlet is busy being eco-friendly, using her bike for errands, unplugging unused appliances and using solar energy to limit her carbon footprint on the Earth.

4. Brad Pitt

Through his ‘Make it Right Foundation’, the actor helped rebuild over 100 houses destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, ensuring they’re energy-efficient by equipping them all with solar panels.

5. Julia Roberts

The eco-savvy Pretty Woman loaded up on solar panels as well as recycled and sustainable materials to ensure her Malibu retreat is an eco-friendly nest.

6. Edward Norton

The ‘Fight Club’ star went a step further by starting the Solar Neighbours Programme, with the aim of bringing renewables to low-income households in Los Angeles. Every time a celebrity invests in solar panels for their home, a solar system is installed for a low-income family in the city. 

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